Investment Packages (AGAM)

questra yonetici

The first possibility, the merit Questra Holdings is offering the sale of various portfolios. The portfolio range from 90 euros up to 21’870 euro and give a weekly average profit sharing between 4-6% , depending on the portfolio one possesses. With the acquisition of the portfolio you can buy at Questra Holdings Manager services and in return receives 52 x profit sharing .

An investment runs for 365 days and then the acquired portfolio is running out. The profit sharing are weekly (every Friday night) credited to the account. This profit sharing can then either paid out or reinvested in new portfolios to increase the weekly profits additionally. There is also the possibility portfolio to the next higherhochzustufen . Own, for example, 3 white portfolios for each 90 euros, so they can be combined to form a yellow portfolio of 270 Euro.

By default, a portfolio is divided among all 25 managers. That means every manager will act 4% of the portfolio. However, there is the possibility to manually adjust these parameters so that you can decide which manager should act what percentage of the portfolio. The weekly results of the comparison group are shown transparent in the back office and can be viewed at any time.