• Questra World offers individuals around the world in the form of a unique business model, the opportunity to benefit from their years of experience to realize his personal dreams and desires.



Since 2009 represented in the European market



The company currently employs more than 158 employees



In the last 7 years completed over 1100 shops



88% of the direct business were profitable

  • Since 2009 in the European market
  • Questra Holdings operates in over 28 countries
  • The Arbeitskaptial is over EUR 300 million
  • Cooperate with customers from around the world
  • lucrative marketing plan
  • Headquartered in Spain (can be visited anytime)
  • Has an insurance fund of over 53 million euros
  • Each partner will receive a written contract
  • 2015 Investors receive a profit of about 231 million euros
  • Registered and certified company
  • 25 professional Manger work for us
  • Complete transparency
  • 4 – 6% profit sharing per week