profit_2Dear clients of Questra World Company,

advanced training program for our employees will start since September 1, 2016 in Questra World. The object of this program is to help directors from the 6th level (Bronze Director) till the 11th level (Super Director) in preparation for new amounts of work, new statements, management levels and bonuses in the amount of EUR 20,000, EUR 50,000, EUR 150,000, EUR 500,000, EUR 700,000 and EUR 1,000,000.

Unlike the agents, who will get agreements according to their place of residence as they used to, all of the directors, including new directors,who have just achieved this status since September 1st, 2016, will now be required to undergo training, advanced professional training and verification of the professional skills provided by our best Sales, Human Resource management and control top-managers.

Starting from September 15, 2016, inQuestra World office in Madrid our top-managers, psychologists and consultants, who have long-term experience in the sphere of brokerage advertising, will receive and train directors during several days, sharing their own experience. This program will give an opportunity to train top-managers of the highest level with the relevant salaries from directors.

Advanced professional training for Directors will go through 3 stages:

  1. Testing of directors and receiving the report on the executed work.
  2. Creation of the individual plan and problem definition taking into account territorial presence, facilitation skills and experience of the director.
  3. Top-managers’ control and help in implementation of the tasks and director’s statements.

After the director,starting from the 6thlevel, performs such qualification and training undergoing in Madrid, the special contract that is different from the agent’s agreement will be concluded with him. Toget bonuses, every director shall pass test and Questra World proficiency and competence test.

All this is done with the purpose of determination and directors’professional skills developing, due to the fact that the Company achieved a new level of development and work.

I want to emphasize once again, the new Advanced professional training will be obligatory for directors of all levels up to that if the director doesn’t arrive, then his bonus can be temporarily unavailable for withdrawal. It will be unblocked at once after you visit the office in Madrid and director signs up the contract.

Also presence on the eventswill be obligatory for Directors and Agents. In case of miss-out of companyofficial events without valid excuse, agents and directors who neglect company corporate ethics and advanced professional training will be punished by penalties according to current position and level.

We draw your attention that the average check of the director starting from the 6th level makes up EUR 55 000, therefore we ask you to take the new training program and advanced professional trainings seriouslyandvalidly. Than better our employees will be trained, the more professional leads they will become and the higher salaries they will get.

This very effective work practice is taken from the companies working with a billion turnover. All our agents and directors are the persons,who represent the Questra World Company,who carry huge responsibility and persons the company invests considerable money in the form of salaries and bonus into.

All of us shall correspond to the level provided to us. Some of directors after training will be a part of the company acting as top-managers taking ruling positions with the relevant salaries, and we will help you to do that.

Best wishes, Questra World.