Co-worker crediting

QUESTRA WORLD Company believes that success of the company totally depends on the quality of each employee’s work. Proper staff operation, control system and motivational program can lead to the increase of results in 2-3 times.

That’s why QUESTRA WORLD Company has replaced the traditional methods of motivation with completely different approach of the new generation, based on comfort and development of its co-workers.

Financial holding has developed special offer which helps to stimulate Questra World directors from the 8th level and higher by noninterest real estate or auto loan. An employee should bring in 25% of the total cost, and the rest 75% is being paid by the company for a period of 10 years. Interest-free loan is repaid with money taken from the part of the income obtained by the recruiter from his recruits, who, themselves are a guarantor that the money will be repaid as they are a reliable and payable deposit.


Private housing

Take advantage of interest-free loans for the partners and become the owner of a new house or apartment.

Loan system couldn’t be easier. You choose an apartment or a house and apply for your free-interest credit with one and only condition –you already have 25% of the cost of the housing on your savings account. The company pays for the accommodation you’ve chosen and you immediately become a rightful owner of your new house or apartment. You repay your loan gradually over next 10 years with the money taken from the part of your and your recruits’ income.

This kind of employee motivation evokes incredible capabilities to make money and promotes advancement that helps to develop not only the workers themselves but the entire company as well.


Allow yourself a new modern car, making only 25% of its value.

Payment system of a new car works just as well as the payment system of the private housing. You buy a car you like and start using it the very same moment, gradually paying the interest-free loan at the expense of your recruits during next 5 years. Practice has shown that the repayment of credits is so simple that most people pay it the nearest 1-2 years.

Comfort and convenience provided by your own car, bring the pleasure of working and aspiration for greater results.


Basic requirements and conditions

Program of noninterest loan is available for directors from the 8th level Golden director who have received bonus in the amount of 150 000 QP and worked in financial holding at least 6 months as a director and owned active counseling center and 3 active counseling centers minimum in their structure.

Repayment of a credit provided by the company is realized only through the partner’s and his recruits’ earnings on their associated account.


The company is ready to provide interest-free loan to buy a private home or car for active co-workers with growing amount of recruits.

  • Credit is given to buy of a new home or a new car only from an authorized dealer or developer.
  • Loan for housing must be repaid for 10 years period and for the car-during 5 years period.
  • The payable amount of money is deducted from the employee once a month to the tune of 50% of his income with a minimum payout of 250 QP.
  • For filling noninterest loan application the director of holding must have on his savings account 25% of real estate or auto cost, work at financial holding during 6 months minimum as a director and also complete all the necessary documents for submission.


  • Achieve a level not lower that the 8th – Golden director.
  • Receive bonus in the amount of 150 000 QP.
  • Set up your own active counseling center and a minimum 3 active counseling centers in your structure.
  • Raise 25% of real estate or auto cost.
  • Choose real estate or auto.
  • Contact the financial department of the holding.


  • Consideration of the application is carried through within 7 working days. After thorough study of the employee’s work, his/her recruits and application, the finance department of the company makes a decision on granting the loan.
  • After the application is approved, the company’s finance department will contact you for coordination and disbursement. Allocated funds will be transferred directly to the seller.


  • Savings Account is the partner’s account to save up funds to purchase housing or car under the terms of the loan program.
  • Refilling of the savings account is carried through the associated account by transferring funds.
  • Savings Account provides income of 1 % per week in addition to the available funds on it. Money is being deposited by the end of the week.
  • A partner can withdraw money from the savings account anytime since the moment of expiration of the 6 months term from the date of account opening.