Opening of the Agency

Company Questra World appreciates each agent and constantly improves and strengthens collaborative partnership relations. One of the ways to strengthen the relationship is to develop and assist in the establishment of new agencies.

The Agency is an independent service unit, working directly with the head office of the company. The founder of the Agency is a distributor agent having the capacity for management and great amounts of sales in the company.

When opening the agency Questra World, the agent receives a successful business under the well-known brand Questra World, which allows increasing the income of the agent by distribution and sale of the company’s products to the residents of the region.

Requirements for office space

To assign the office category “Agency”, and include it to the official list of the offices of the company Questra World, the agent – the owner of the agency should own or rent premises satisfying the requirements declared by the Department of the Development of Questra World.

The premises must meet the following requirements:

  • have the status of “non-residential premises,” according to official documents;
  • occupy an area of 100m2;
  • have a separate area for the customers` service, work of staff and training for the agents;
  • registration of the premises should be in accordance with the recommendations of the Department of the Development of Questra World;
  • presence of furniture in good condition, with no elements of home decor;
  • presence of the showcase with the samples of the company’s products of Questra World;
  • presence of signboard with the company name Questra World;
  • a clear timetable representation indicating weekdays and hours of work. Actual timetable representation should be at least 5 (five) working days, with the total number of 40 hours within one calendar week;
  • presence of a computer, printer, scanner, fixed or mobile phone;
  • presence of a permanent channel of the Internet;
  • availability of an information stand with the obligatory presence of training schedule.


new-office-2            new-office-3



Conditions and Rules for Applying

After the conditions for opening the agency have been studied and implemented, a potential agent sends a request to the e-mail of the company for considering the agent and his office as the new agency.

Terms of opening of the agency:

  • Level of the agent is not less than 9th;
  • Presence of the appropriate premises;
  • Presence of all the necessary documents.

The list of information required for the application:

  • Full name;
  • the current level of the Agent;
  • Agent identification number;
  • contact information (fixed, cell phone, email address);
  • the cause of the agent`s desire to open his own agency;
  • 8 (eight) photos of the room. 4 (four) photos of the indoors of the occupied area, 4(four) photos of the outer part of the building, its facade, the main entrance, the corridor and the entrance to the office building itself. The photos should give a complete picture of the room.

List of the Documents for the Opening

After a positive decision about the opening of a new agency by the agent of Questra World, the potential agent sends by post or transmits through the manager of the company the package of the following documents:

  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association of the company
  • Tax identification card
  • National Identification Document of the the legal representative
  • Legal address of the company
  • Contact phone number and / or fax number
  • Email
  • Website



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Conclusion of a contract

Questra World company concludes a contract with the official agent of the company for the opening of the agency. The Contract of the Agency Support is concluded only if the company receives a complete set of documents from the agent.

Within 14 calendar days after the receipt of the documents from the agent, the Department of the Development of the company makes a decision to open a representative office and perform to the owner all obligations under the contract.

In case of a positive decision, the company sends to the postal address of the agent the document “Contract of the Agency Support”. In case of refusal to open a representative office, the company sends an email to the agent with notification of refusal to provide assistance of the company.

Support from the Company

  • The right to work under the well-known brand Questra World;
  • Full technical manual on business;
  • Personal consulting on business development;
  • Personal help in entering the regional market and further support of the company’s specialists to the set result;
  • Financial support of the agency in its maintenance, up to 70% of the total costs;
  • Providing of a certificate from the testimony of the official status of the agency of Questra World;
  • Consultations with the departure to the office location for the recommendations in the design of corporate identity of the agency premises and buildings;
  • Providing of the products with company logo for company offices of Questra World;
  • Package of promotional materials and products for work;
  • Advertising support, assistance in special promotions, events and presentations together with Questra World;
  • Training of specialists including annual certification of managers, identifying the best employees and then giving them nominal diplomas;
  • The package of training materials for employees;
  • Providing of uniforms for the staff;
  • Unified corporate system of the customers` loyalty support;
  • A complete set of tools to analyze customers, trends of work, services, profitability and other;
  • Technical assistance in the promotion of the brand;
  • and the other under the contract.